Back to basics: What do I need to do for my first Track Day?

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So you are new to this, you’re attending your first track event and you don’t know how you will drive, you feel nervous just by looking around all this highly modified cars and you feel you are in line to get your driving test for your licenses

Track Day Marmo Racing

Just relax. This is a place that everybody is friendly and willing to answer any questions that you may have. Track days (or HPDE’s) are designed for drivers to have fun. We don’t judge people unless they come with 200-300 HP more than us…

So no matter what car you’re driving there’s a few steps that you need to do to you car before you hit the track day

Fresh oil change, take into consideration a good synthetic oil like Motul, Liqui-Moly etc. Most cases 5w40 will do the job.

You must change the brake fluid to Castrol SRF or Motul 600.

The exceptionally high boiling point (higher than 300°C) makes Castrol React SRF Racing and Motul 600 ideal for use under arduous braking conditions such as rallying or racing.

It exceeds the boiling point requirements of DOT 5 brake fluids.

Brake pads

If you did your first track event and you notice that going back home your brake pads are gone, come join the club, street brake pads are not to be used on track due to being very soft.

Most common are the Pagid brake pads. They are design to be very friendly with the rotors and at the same time to work under extreme conditions, to 1000 Celsius. 


The most important aspect for the car.

For beginners anything that has a tread-wear of around 300-340 will do the job.

After all don’t expect to be Schumacher on your first event, you need to pay attention to learning the track more importantly.

A good air filter will also be beneficial. Factory air filters are restricting the air flow to the engine therefore less HP to the wheels.


Enjoy! Your track day it’s just the beginning of many more to come and thousands of dollars to be wasted on car modifications in the near future.

Evo Ioannis Ioannou

Photo: Manthos Partsi

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